I am a certified Orthon Gillingham tutor and help children with dyslexia and related learning disabilities.

Also, I offer English and Spanish lessons as well as translation services.

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"The limits of my language are the limits of my universe."


Orton Gillingham Tutoring Services​

Upon completing the Orton-Gillingham certification training with the Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota, Julia worked as a Remedial Reading teacher at a private elementary and middle school, working both with dyslexic and non-dyslexic learners in small reading intervention groups.  She then worked as a private tutor for a family with two children learning with dyslexia, supporting them with OG tutor sessions and overall academic support.  

Her tutor sessions foster a safe and warm learning environment; drawing inspiration from the personal interests and learning style of the child.  Her teaching and tutoring draw on a holistic approach, some of such philosophies deriving from Waldorf education.  

With experience working in both public and Waldorf schools, as a tutor, teacher and aide, she carries a breadth of skills and knowledge to nurture and enrich the education of each child.    

Spanish Lessons

“I know what it’s like to be born again in a foreign language.” 

Stasha Ginsburg

With a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American, Carribean and Iberian Studies, Julia’s passion for the Spanish language began with a love for the words of Pablo Neruda, the voice of Mercedes Sosa and a genuine interest in cultivating connection with native Spanish speakers. Along with the acquisition of the language, her exposure to the cultures surrounding it also grew. She lived in Spain for nearly four years and later on in Mexico for a year.

With experience teaching in a bilingual immersion program through AmeriCorps, teaching ESL in Spain and teaching Spanish at an Elementary and Middle School, her expertise in language teaching is dynamic and varied. Drawing upon foundations of grammar, vocabulary building and conversational fluency her lessons are comprehensive and adaptable to learner’s individual interests and goals with the language. She incorporates music, poetry and literature into her lessons, giving voice to the soul of the language.

Additional Services

Teaching English as a Second Language

As an ESL teacher in Spain, Julia taught at a language academy helping young professionals pass B2 through C2 Cambridge Exams.

Whether you’re looking to bring your English to the next level, or simply fine-tune your language skills, Julia adapts her lessons to your personal needs and learning preferences.

As a native speaker she can assist you in picking up on nuances in the language, local slang and specific cultural references.

Spanish <> English Translations

I provide the following services:

  • English to Spanish Text
  • Spanish to English Text

$0.15 per word, minimum $20 fee

About Me

Julia grew up on an organic dairy farm in Wisconsin and had the privilege of attending a Waldorf school as a child. Her love for language began early on as she spent much of her childhood reading and writing stories.

She was placed in AP English classes in high school and began learning Spanish. At the age of 18 a trip to Europe brought her to Spain where her love for the language continued to grow and her love for Spanish culture was first ignited.

She went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Upon graduation she moved to Granada Spain where she taught ESL as well as became yoga certified. She later moved to North Carolina where she became a Spanish teacher at a Waldorf school as well as a remedial reading teacher.

She decided to become Orton Gillingham certified when she noticed a need for more support for children with dyslexic tendencies. She believes in the power of language as a means to expression and knowledge.

It is her wish that everyone, regardless of native language or learning needs, has the opportunity to receive adequate support to reach their full potential.


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